summer in the city...

So far summer has been a combination of homemade brunches, weekend farm/winery trips, kayaking adventures, and I even threw in a few strolls around Brooklyn.  I can't believe it is already July and after the looooong east coast winter, I feel like summer is just beginning!  Philly has been nothing but magical the past few months.  I moved in with one of my best friends, downsized my life and I'm gearing up for my big move across the country to LA, all while trying to enjoy this beautiful east coast summer.  I can't wait to visit home next week and make trips to vintage shops in Austin, Hamilton pool, and take stroll down South Congress....along with seeing my family and friends!
Cheers to summer never ending....


it's a wes anderson world

Something pretty special happened a few weeks ago, and even though I'm just getting around to sharing it on the blog, it was nothing short of amazing.  

I was featured in a New York Times article about people with a love for Wes Anderson.  If you don't know already, I'm slightly obsessed, so much so that a while back I was inspired by Moonrise Kingdom and knit a pair of knickers that are currently a made-to-order item in my etsy shop.  Check out the article here, written by the lovely Penelope Green.


into the mist

Just a little snippet of home…a few days the sun came out to play, but mostly it was sort of overcast and moody the type of weather that you sometimes love and sometimes hate.  You love it when you're snuggled up next to your lover on the couch with a blanket and a fire, but its not so ideal during the busy hum of mid-day.  

This was one of those afternoons captured--misty and frosted.  There was something sort of cozy and romantic about the overcast skies that day, especially rocking one of my all time favorite seasonal dresses.  It is only the most ingenious invention ever--a flannel, plaid maxi dress--from, believe it or not, Lucky brand.  It's as functionally warm as it is eye catching.  I had to top it all off with my staple vintage jacket and hat of the moment.  These two things on top of any outfit I own is like my uniform-- throw in some braids and I'm set for life. 

P.S.  I miss living in the middle of giant fields…till next time Texas.



Life is pretty forgiving, so much so that every year we get a chance to start over around this time of year.  There's something about taking the time to think about both your accomplishments and shortcomings from the previous year and setting new goals, there's so much hope and excitement...I always feel like anything could happen when I think about a new year and all the possibilities. 

Spending time at home with loved ones for the holidays and having time to think away from work, stress, and responsibility really helped me realize what I truly want from 2014.  I'm going to get really cliche and say that life is too short to spend it away from those you love.  Sometimes we get caught up in working, or school, or trying to be successful at whatever we do...making sacrifices along the way until we get caught up in life's hustle.  When we take a step back we realize that life needs more balance. Here's to 2014, living a balanced life, and spending more time with loved ones...

blowin' in the wind

2014 is here and already Im dreaming of spring and warmer days.  Every part of me is programmed for warmer weather so I'm not sure how I'm going to survive the next few months, especially with miniature blizzards happening every other week here on the east coast.

I found this old post from late summer in my drafts and thought it was a pretty perfect first post of 2014.  It's everything I want in this new year, good times with good friends, sunshine, more nature, adventures, the only things that's missing is my boy.


end of summer mischief


These pictures really were taken so long ago.  But looking at them, it all feels like yesterday.  Especially our trip to salvation mountain.  I remember it because the sun was beaming down and the temperature was somewhere around 100 degrees.  Now that I'm sitting in my apartment on the east coast, looking out my window at bits of melted snow, I can only dream of the warm sun that was beating down that day.
These pictures were taken labor day weekend, the last hurrah of summer.  Its taken me a few months to post these because of various reasons, one being my computer decided to go on strike and another being my life has been more work than play as of late.   These photos are just another reminder that I need to get back to blogging, creating, and as always adventuring.

The holidays are almost here and while I can't wait to have a much needed break from work and spend time in Texas with my family…I really can't wait to get back in the groove of creating and searching for inspiration.  I'll be happy when there are no more blizzard type occurrences to keep me from adventuring.  
I miss having time to create. I miss being outside in the warm sunlight.  I miss California.  
I miss my love. 

Here's to hoping that all of those things will be in my life soon.

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